About Brandy Shiloh

Hello and welcome to everything that’s Brandy Shiloh.

From an early age and being an active member of her local church, Brandy Shiloh quickly learned what it means to be part of a community, the meaning of sharing and caring for your fellow man. Born in a Christian family and with a strong passion for music, she joined the church’s choir as she felt she could express her feelings and appreciation for the people around her through song.  And her appreciation did not wither throughout the years. She later came back to her hometown in Central Jersey and built a Ministry for her community. This was her way of giving back to the people that nurtured and educated her while growing up.

Brandy strongly believes in the word of God and she’s faithfully believes there’s no situation too difficult or a challenge too great to overcome if you have Jesus in your heart. Faith gives us so much and asks for nothing in return and this is the only thing you need in order to move forward.

Right after receiving her BA with honors in North Carolina, Brandy Shiloh was hired by AT&T as a financial analyst. Soon afterwards she attended Cooley Law School in Michigan full-time while also providing free legal services to domestic abuse victims for the Michigan Legal Aid society. Later on she became a Teaching assistant to her Law School Professor so she could help aspiring first year law students in their journey to becoming attorneys. She went on to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Cooley Law School but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

In hopes of helping others and give back to the community she wrote a book entitled: “Break through to your breakthrough”, it’s main goal being to help people realize they can achieve anything they set their minds on and that there’s no obstacle too great when you walk with Jesus. A window to self-discovery, it helps motivate today’s youth to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

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